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God’s Love Through A Dog’s Eyes


Over the course of the past few days, I’ve had a variety of interactions with my mom’s dog. But what does this have to do with God?

One doggy interaction I had was to discipline him for something he shouldn’t have done.

This is much like when we sin. There are consequences to our actions and we have to face them. When we sin, our relationship with God is damaged. This is the first thing we should think of when we are tempted to sin. Do we want our relationship with God to suffer?

But there is a way to fix our relationship with God if we do fall into sin:

God’s forgiveness through Confession.

One of the interactions I had with the dog reminded me of this. Even though I had gotten frustrated with him, I still love him and am willing to forgive him.

This is the way God is. Even though we choose to sin, He still loves us with His entire being. And He is always willing to forgive us. Pope Francis said that God does not tire of forgiving us; it is us who tire of asking for forgiveness (Catholic News Agency). God will always love us and forgive us. It is us that need to be willing to be forgiven.

Another dog interaction reminded me of this. I did something and the dog moved as if he was afraid I was going to hit him. He was afraid that I was still angry with him.

We can be the same way with God.

God forgives what we bring to Him. He may not exactly “forgive and forget,” but He does not let our sins get in the way of His love. He entirely forgives us when we go to Confession.

If God can forgive us, can’t we forgive ourselves?

But this can be difficult. I speak from experience. We still have our sins on our minds and we are still worried about them. But when we go to Confession, we begin anew. God gives us a clean slate when we go to Confession. So why don’t we try to give ourselves a clean slate as well?


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