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A Catholic Stance on Abortion


Abortion is an incredibly touchy topic in today’s society. The two predominant viewpoints are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice and both sides have their reasons for taking that side. And I am personally on the side of Pro-Life.

But what does the Catholic Church teach about abortion?

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) states that “[h]uman life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception” (CCC, para. 2270). Let’s talk about this for a moment. This statement shows that the Catholic Church believes that human life begins at conception. The belief that conception is the beginning of life goes against what society tries to have us believe. It goes against the opinion that life begins later in pregnancy or at birth itself.

Okay, but that doesn’t address abortion.

In paragraph 2271, the CCC states three major things in relation to abortion: there is moral evil in every abortion, this teaching hasn’t and won’t change, and abortion, as either a means or an end, is gravely against the moral law (CCC, para. 2271).

Simply stated:

Abortion is morally wrong and this teaching isn't going to change.Ever.

What would you suggest as an alternative?

I suggest adoption. If the mother is unable to, or doesn’t want to, take care of the child once it’s born, she should carry it to term and put it up for adoption. There are people who would be immensely happy to adopt the child. And there may be a couple who is unable to have children themselves and would do anything to have a child of their own. Putting the child up for adoption allows this couple to have the child they couldn’t conceive on their own.

Why so much emphasis on adoption?

Each and every person has been given specific qualities and talents by God. God makes each of us unique. By putting the child up for adoption, the mother is giving the child a chance to put their God-given talents to use. God has a plan for that child, a plan that can, and will, change the world. By having an abortion, the mother is depriving the world of a life it needs.

But what about the argument that it’s the mother’s body, therefore it’s her choice?

I believe the mother has a choice in if she’s going to have sex or if she’s going to abstain. But if she gets pregnant, her right to a choice is forfeited. Just like the CCC says, human life begins at conception. So once she gets pregnant, the mother no longer has a choice. She needs to carry the child to term. Whether she puts the child up for adoption or keeps the child is her choice. But between conception and birth, she doesn’t have a choice.

But what about rape?

A reader brought this up to me after a previous post and I think this is a valuable point to bring up. While rape is a tragic thing that I don’t want anyone to go through, I stand by my suggestion: carry the child to term and put them up for adoption.

But what about the trauma that rape victims have to deal with? Therapy is an option. While trauma is a concern, don’t take it out on the child. As I said, carry it to term and go to therapy after putting the child up for adoption. The child still has God-given value, so don’t deprive the world of that value and that person by having an abortion.

After all, when did we become more knowledgeable than God on who the world needs?


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