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How God Knew Who I Needed


I have a story for you.

Let me set the scene for you:

It’s the morning before classes begin for my first semester of university. I’m walking into the university’s cafeteria and there’s a line in front of and behind me to swipe in. It’s my turn, and I need help from the worker to figure out how to swipe in. After I get into the building, I get in one of the lines for food. Then a girl about my age stands next to me in line. She asks me if I’m here with anyone. When I say no, she asks me if I want to sit with her and her friends. I say yes.

Four years later, the girl from that morning is one of my very best friends and I’m sitting next to her at our graduation.

Okay, it sounds like any other friend meeting.

As I hung out with my friend, we figured out that we’re both Catholic and we share several of the same interests. And over the course of the four years of university, we spent more time together and got to make amazing memories together. She was there for my best times, and she stayed with me through my worst.

She wasn’t the only one I was close with. I had several great friends who are like the friend I told you about: with me at my best, by my side through my worst.

So what?

I believe God knew who I would need in my life. I had been searching for friends when I arrived at college, and there might’ve been fear that I wouldn’t make any friends.

And God surely knew what I, and probably others, know:

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This is true regardless of how well I know you, but it seems even worse when I’m meeting a person for the first time.

I have no doubt that God knew this. And there’s no doubt He knew that I would need the friends that I met.

This proves a point that I think we need to hear:

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He knew at the beginning of my freshman year who I would need for the rest of my university career. He knew who would take care of me and who would be there for me when I needed them.

The point is that we should trust God to bring us the people that we need. I know it’s difficult to do this, I have trouble with this myself.

But the people God brings into our lives on His own can be some of the best people we’ll ever meet.


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