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Beyond the Stars


Since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with the stars.

And I think there’s a certain beauty in the stars.

They produce their own light and we are able to see that light years away. Together, they form constellations without competing with each other. They work with other space material to create beautiful scenes. And yet as an individual star, they are still beautiful.

And I think there’s something we often forget:

God made each star, galaxy, and planet in its own unique beauty.
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We tend to forget that God created the beauty that we see in the sky. He made the stars. He made the galaxies. He made the planets. And He created gravity. When He placed the stars, galaxies, and planets where He wanted them, He created them to move together in an astonishingly beautiful way. A way that we humans can’t seem to get enough of.

Some of us dedicate our lives to studying the movement of these astronomical entities. Some of us dare to go out to these entities. Some of us plan and build satellites and telescopes to better study and see pieces of the stars, planets, and galaxies no human eye can see. And the world takes notice when something huge happens, like a solar eclipse.

Picture property of Victoria Hosman.

What about stars, planets, and galaxies attracts so much of our attention and wonder?

I think we have this fascination for the stars because they prove there’s something beyond us. We often get caught up in what’s going on in our lives, our society, and our world. But when we look up to the stars, these things seem small.

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We realize that there’s so much more out there than just our problems. There’s so much more beauty. We take on a childlike curiosity, wondering what’s out there and what it looks like.

The stars also encourage us to look into ourselves.

In looking at the stars, we need to remember:

The same God that created all that, created us to. And we're even more beautiful than the stars. (1)
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God created each and every human uniquely and with qualities and talents specific to them. God didn’t make every individual on a whim. He made each of for a reason and with purpose. He has a plan for each and every one of us. He has a place for us, just like He has a place for every star.

And yet, we are far more beautiful and important to Him than the stars.

He created each of us in His image. So we’re all created beautifully. So beautiful, in fact, that the stars, galaxies, and planets dim in comparison. They stand no chance in comparison to us.

But, we as humans tend to tear each other down. Why? Because we don’t see the same beauty in other humans as we do in the stars. We have our priorities mixed up. Yes, we should see the stars as beautiful. But not nearly as beautiul as the human beings we encounter.

We should make the effort to see the beauty we see in the stars, in our fellow humans. But thousands of times over.

For isn't the miracle of human life far more spectacular than the stars_
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