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Why Sebastian Should Be One of Your Friends


Sebastian is one of those guys you can’t help but admire.

It is believed Sebastian might have been from France. He ended up joining the Roman army, and eventually joined the Praetorian Guard. Even though he was a part of the Guard, Sebastian converted several people to Christianity. Emperor Diocletian didn’t like this, so he had Sebastian tied to a post or a tree and shot with arrows. They left Sebastian there to die, but he was found by a woman and brought back to health. After recovering, Sebastian went to find Diocletian and criticized him for his treatment of Christians. Diocletian was surprised to see Sebastian and had him clubbed to death.

Okay, but why do I need to become friends with Sebastian?

Three major reasons:

  1. He was strong. He didn’t die when they tried to kill him the first time. He was able to recover and he fought back against what he thought was wrong.
  2. He knew what he believed in. He converted people to Christianity and spoke up against Diocletian when he knew Diocletian was doing something that wasn’t right.
  3. He wasn’t afraid to call Diocletian out. He went up to Diocletian and called him out on his actions. Surely Sebastian knew there would be consequences for speaking to the emperor in such a way, and yet, he did it anyway.

Why does this matter?

I think we need people in our lives that are strong and are able to get back up when they’re knocked down. Sure, we won’t all be beaten down like Sebastian was, but we each have our own ways of hitting the ground.

And we need people who know what they believe in and are willing to stand up for what they believe in. We may know people who we don’t see eye to eye on everything, but that’s okay. We need people in our lives to stand up for the right thing and to guide us.

And we need people in our lives that are willing to call us out. We all make mistakes or bad choices, and we need people who will tell us that we need to change or do better. Hopefully they will do so in a constructive way, but we need them nonetheless. They often see things in ourselves better and call bring our attention to things we may not see, or may not want to see, about ourselves.

It is because of these things that Sebastian is a good role model and would be a good friend to have.

St. Sebastian, pray for us!
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