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Hello, and happy Monday!

Last summer (summer 2017), I worked at a summer camp here in Western Kentucky. And it had to have been the best summer of my life so far. Over the course of the summer, there were quite a few things that I heard that remain with me today. And one of the things I heard was: (9)
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I’m not entirely sure of the saying’s origin story or how it was introduced to camp, but I think that it’s a pretty cool idea.

Here’s why:

At least here in America, we tend to get so caught up in our everyday lives. We focus on what needs to be done or what we would personally like to do. And, myself included, we tend to forget and leave God out of our everyday lives.

Here’s what happens in my everyday life:

I pray every day and I go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. I also go to Confession on a somewhat regular basis. And during college, I would go to Mass during the week. I would go to Eucharistic Adoration. I was involved with the Newman House. I would go to conferences held by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS). I would talk about God with one of my best friends.

But here’s my problem:

I tend to leave God out of pretty much every other aspect of my life.
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Sure, I did and do things that are expected of me as a practicing Catholic. But do I actively let God into my heart and into my everyday activities? Not usually. Most days, I sit down and pray and that’s the only encounter I have with Him that particular day. Sometimes, I’ll think of Him throughout the day, but it’s often just a passing thought.

Okay, but what do butterflies have to do with this?

If you’re from America, especially from the southeastern corner of the country, butterflies are a pretty common sight. (8)
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Having such a reminder of God can help us remember what we promised God that we’d do, what we’ve asked Him for, or what we feel He’s calling us to do. Having reminders throughout our day helps us move out of our comfort zones and out of our habits. Having such constant reminders can help us to move forward.

Alright. But can you provide an example for us?

I know that personally, I like to think of myself as a fairly independent person. I like to do things my way and I run into the problem of trusting God. I struggle to trust Him with my heart, my future, and my hopes. I struggle to let Him in completely because I’m afraid that what He wants is completely different from what I want.

sending all my love (1)
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I challenge you to do the same. Any time you see a butterfly, don’t only think of the Holy Spirit, but also think about how you can let Him into your life. Think about how He might be drawing you out of your comfort zone and closer to Him. Think about how where He might be trying to get you to trust Him.

And as always:

I hope you have a good day and rest of the week! If you liked this post, please give it a like and share it with your friends!


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