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This One Thing Is A Lie From The Enemy

Hello, and happy Monday!

Today’s post discusses something I’ve struggled with for years and continue to struggle with: comparing myself to others.

What can this look like?

Comparing ourselves with others can probably take on a multitude of forms. So I am only going to provide examples that either I have personally experienced or what I think can be experienced:

  • Comparing what I’m to what I think someone else is doing.
  • Comparing my life plan to someone else’s life plan.
  • Comparing my entire life to someone else’s preview file.
  • Comparing how I do one very specific thing to how someone else does that exact same thing.
  • Comparing how my body looks as a whole to how someone else’s body looks.
  • Comparing how one of my body parts looks to how that body part looks on someone else.
  • Comparing my voice to someone else’s.
  • Comparing *insert talent here* to someone else’s.
  • Comparing my family/family member(s) to someone else’s.
  • Comparing my school to someone else’s.
  • Comparing my job to someone else’s.
  • Comparing my goals to someone else’s.
  • Comparing my relationships to someone else’s.
  • And you probably get the point by now.

Probably my entire life, I have compared at least one thing to that of others. And sometimes, it feels as if I can’t help but compare my life to those around me.

But I don’t think God intended to it to be this way.

I know, I know, this probably sounds incredibly cliche. But I think it’s true. I think I may have said this before, but here’s why I think this is true:

God created each and every one of us as a completely unique human being.
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There are no two people who are exactly the same. There are no two people who have the exact same combinations of interests, qualities, and talents.

And I think that by having such diverse interests, qualities, and talents has the potential to make our world a much better place than what it would be if we were exactly the same.

And I think the enemy knows this.

I think he knows that if we were to come together and use our various talents to accomplish good and productive things, we could actually put a serious dent in his plans.

And I think this is where human frailty comes in.
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We as humans are not perfect. We are flawed and we make mistakes. We are tempted and we tend to occasionally give into that temptation.

But that doesn’t mean that God does or will give up on us.

He gave us His son almost 2,000 years ago so that we can be in Heaven with Him. The Holy Spirit is still amongst us and is still working wonders. God still cheers us on and so desperately wants to be in our lives.

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God created each us with beautiful talents that He wants us to put to use. And I think He gives us the talents that He knows we can use the best. And I think that we can use the talents we’re given in away no one else in the world can, even if they happen to have the same or similar talent.

There is a point to all of this:

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So don’t fall for the lies the enemy is trying to get you to get you to believe. And anytime that you think he’s trying to get to you, just turn God and ask Him to help you. He will help us. All we have to do is ask.

Until next time, I hope you have a good day.

If something within this post resonated with you, please feel free to comment and/or share. And if you think someone you know could benefit from this post, please share it with them!


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