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Seeing God in the Challenging


So a couple of nights ago, I put up a video on my personal YouTube channel with pictures from this summer. And that got me to thinking about something.

Yes, this summer has been challenging, but if I look, I can see God in it.

I graduated in May and I had an idea of what I wanted to do. I went on a trip with my mom and then had a couple of weeks of typical summer vacation. Sure, I struggled with a sin or two that I had struggled with for a while, but nothing that couldn’t be solved if I tried. Then I went on a trip to Hawaii with family.

And it was then that things started to get difficult.
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While we were on the way to Hawaii, we had an incredibly serious family medical emergency. So while we were out in Hawaii for those couple of days, we were trying to figure what needed to be done. And we ended home early because we didn’t think my grandfather would make it out of the hospital.

But that wasn’t it. I still continued to fall into the same two sins over and over again over the course of the summer. And still struggle with them (although to a somewhat different degree) at this point.

Even after my grandfather got out of the hospital, I still struggled.

I continued to go between my dad’s house and my mom and step-dad’s house. I was drifting between different churches. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing career-wise and even somewhat struggled within my chosen career of writing. Not only that, but I had shoulder pain added on to that a couple of times throughout the summer.

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And I was only seemingly going through the motions in my faith life because I knew that’s what I needed to be doing.

But as the summer began drawing to a close, things began to change.

As I might’ve mentioned in a previous post, things kind of began to come together and click towards the end of the summer.

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I began opening my heart to God for real. And by that, I mean that I began truly meaning it when I asked Him to come into my heart and my life.

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There’s still a certain degree of confusion, but I’m beginning to let God lead me to where I need to be.

And I’m beginning to see changes both inside and outside of prayer.

Outside of prayer, I’ve decided to change parishes and formally make my college parish my home parish. I’ve started to become more confident in my choice of being a writer. I’ve kind of gotten into a routine, which I was lacking before. And if you know me really well, you know that I really like to have a routine.

Inside of prayer, I feel like my own faith is beginning to develop and deepen. I’m having realizations in prayer and I’ve been asking/telling God certain things and meaning them.

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So I have a challenge for you guys.

Whatever challenge(s) you may be going through right now, I ask that you try to open your heart to God. Or ask Him to help you encounter Him.

So, until next time, I hope you guys have a good rest of your day. And if there’s something in this post that resonated with you, please comment to let me know or share with your friends and family. And if you think someone in your life might like this post and/or the site, please don’t hesitate to share it/them with them!


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