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Oh, The Work God Can Do In A Week


So, this week has been a fairly calm week when it comes to God. But there have been two or three major thoughts that have come up in prayer and life outside of prayer.

The first thing that came up was this:

I have been given a life a lot people can't have.
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First, I was born in and live in a country where I have the freedom to pursue whatever life I want to. I have pretty much the same rights as men do, I have access to education, I can practice whatever faith in whatever way I see fit, and I can follow whatever career dreams I want to.

I am also a member of a Church that sees everyone as equals and is accepting of pretty much anyone and everyone. And the Church allows me to chase almost anything I want to do.

Not only that, but my family has worked hard to get us to the point we are now.

And I've been put in circumstances that a lot of the population can't be in.
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I have not just one, but a few homes I can go to, therefore I several roofs over my head. I have plenty of food, water, and other forms of drink. I have access to medical care and the medicines that I need. I was able to go to school, and was able to do so at a private school. And I was able to graduate from university and I had the blessing to have a mother who was willing to pay for my tuition. And I have friends and family that love me. I have access to internet and technology. I have the freedom to openly practice my faith.

So, I think God has reminded me that He’s placed me in a great place.

Secondly, He’s shown me His love through a dog.

As I mentioned in Wednesday’s post, God has shown me some of His nature. Just as a bit of a recap if you didn’t read Wednesday’s post:

God shows His love, loyalty, and protectiveness through the dogs in our lives.
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Thirdly, Jesus has reminded me of His presence.

I was on the way up to my dad’s house on Wednesday, and Jesus just came to mind.

And I had the image in my mind of Him riding in the passenger seat as I drove.
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Not only did this happen, but I kind of have a specific image of what He looks like and what He’s wearing. If you’re the same way and have a specific image of what Jesus looks like, please comment below.

And there was a God moment to end the week.

So, Wednesday night going into yesterday morning, I had an experience that I like to call a God moment:

An experience that can only be explained as God's working in my life.
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I’ve been having doubts about whether writing and this site is what I need to be doing. But, Wednesday night/yesterday morning, a seminarian reached out to me via the site’s Instagram account. He was telling me what he desires to do with his account, asking me to pray for him, and saying that it would be appreciated if I could give him a shoutout. I did, and told him that I’d be praying for him.

But here’s where the God moment comes in.

If it weren't for having the site, I wouldn't be able to be able to connect with people like this.
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Though I’m struggling with the site, I think encounters like this make it worth it.

And with that, I hope you guys have a good weekend!


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