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Working Through Some Things


So this week has been a bit calmer when it comes to God working in my life. But that doesn’t mean that He hasn’t been present.

The major thing that we’ve worked on is working through an issue.

God and I have been working on a sin that I have continously fallen into for months.
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This particular sin showed up, disappeared for a while, then it reappeared. And over the past few months, it’s been getting worse.

And I’ve been going to Confession for it all summer. But it still wouldn’t go away.

So, a few days this week have been spent trying to figure out why, when, or what could cause me to fall into this sin.

I went to Confession yesterday with the resolve not to fall into this sin, really wanting ti change this time.

Even though I plan on going to Confession, I'm sure the temptation to fall into this sin will continue to come up in some form or fashion. (1)
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But that’s not the only thing that’s come up this week.

Jesus's presence and my guardian angel's presence have been more on my heart and mind this week.
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So, whether just hanging out at the house or driving, I’ve felt their presence in my life this week. And feeling God’s presence in my life is something that I’ve been praying for here recently.

God also sent in one last thing yesterday.

So, I went to Confession yesterday morning. And as I was waiting, a couple of things came to mind about the sacrament. All week, I’ve been thinking about inviting Jesus into my life on a more personal level, but this revelation kind of hit me out of nowhere.

Our relationship with Jesus is just like any other relationship we know. (1)
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And what hit me was this image: when we sin, it’s like we’re cheating on Jesus. And when we go to Confession, Jesus assures us that He’s going to forgive us, but He expects us to learn from our mistake and not do it again.

And I just thought that was pretty darn neat.

So, with that, I hope you have a great rest of your Friday and a fantastic weekend!


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