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Yes, I’m Catholic, and No, I’m Not Perfect


I grew up as a Catholic. I started going to Mass regularly in middle school and started being truly invested in my faith in college. And after college, I still continue to grow deeper in my faith and am continuing to learn things about it.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m perfect.

Yes, I'm Catholic, but I'm still learning and making mistakes.
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I still sin like any other human being. And I am still learning different things about my faith. And I’m still continuing to learn about God and the Church He gave us.

And I have the feeling that this learning and growing process is going to continue probably until I return Home.
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Here are some aspects of the process that I have experienced thus far:

  • The same sin can come up repeatedly. And it has the power to develop. It may begin as one thing but as you work through it and deal with it, it can develop and keep you falling into that temptation.
  • Learning about the faith can come in bits and pieces. It can be an aspect of the Eucharist. Or the Mass. Or one of the sacraments. Or the Church’s history. Or prayer. Etc, etc.
  • Where I am and where you are may not be where others are. We all move at different paces. Someone may seem more advanced in prayer. Or they may seem to know more about the Mass, or a specific saint, or Church history. But they all have their own struggles within their faith.

I’m willing to bet there are more things I could list, but I’m going to leave it at these.

And I’m willing to bet that I’m not the only Catholic who will admit they’re not perfect.

As I said before, everyone has some sort of struggle(s) with their faith.

So even though they look like they have everything together, they probably don't.
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They may know certain things about the Church and her life. But they probably are still learning about the Church and still growing in their own faith. They’re probably still learning about God and their relationship with Him.

No Catholic is perfect.
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