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It’s The Little Moments


I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but I’d like to go deeper into it here.

My life, and those around me, have been marked by what we call God moments.

What are God moments? you ask.

A God moment is an instant in life that has no explanation that having been done by God.
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This could be perfect timing. An answered prayer. An introduction to someone new. A good time spent with friends. A new realization. A deeper understanding.

God moments can take a wide range of appearances. And I think this is because God is not limited by the same restraints that we are. And He knows what we need when we need it.

So He places these things in such a way that we can't help but know it was Him.
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Could you provide some examples, please?

One of the more memorable God moments for me was meeting one of my best friends. I met her the day before classes began for the fall semester of my Freshman year of college. And she was one of the people that I needed and loved all four years of college. And she’s still one of my best friends and favorite people.

But I think God knew I needed her.
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I was able to be a nerd with her and some of our other friends. She helped me with my anxiety. She helped me with some things that were hurting my heart. She shared her life with me. And I was lucky enough to have been by her at the beginning and with her at the end at graduation.

I know that I realized after graduation that things had come full circle in my college experience. So, I met her at the cafeteria. But part of the story is that I was in front of her in line to get into the building. And at graduation, I was in front of in the line to walk across the stage.

Another example is my writing career.

I’ve been anxious about it for a while, worried that it wouldn’t work the way that I hoped that it would.

But God's been pulling through.
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When I bring it to prayer, I feel like God is telling me this is what I need to be doing. Or at least giving me a “maybe.” And my friends are supportive of and excited about it.

And here in the past week, I think God has been moving in that aspect of my life. He’s been showing me that He has, indeed, been hearing my prayers and that He’s working on them.

And there are probably a heck of a lot more than just these two.

Not only can He work in large, miraculous ways, but He can work in the smallest of ways. It can be a flower you see outside. A smile from a stranger. The love of a family member or pet. Getting to go to bed early or at a decent time. Getting to see and hang out with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. And the list goes on.

So I encourage you to look out for how God is showing Himself to you.


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