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Introducing Himself to Me


This week has been fairly calm when it comes to God working in my life. But there has been a major theme:

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What exactly has that looked like this week?

Well, it began on Sunday at Mass. During the homily, either Father or the deacon mentioned how during Mass, we have a seat at the Lord’s table. And this stood out to me, and I guess it stood out to me for the following reason:

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And this warms my heart. And what makes it better is that the church where I was on Sunday was the church I attended during college, and I knew that I would always be welcomed back, even if I didn’t make that my home parish. But, I did make it my home parish this fall because it had beome like home over the past four years.

Just like I knew that I would be welcomed back regardless at this church, it’s the same way with God. He’ll always welcome us back regardless of what we’ve done or how far we’ve drifted since the last time we saw Him or talked to Him.

But God hasn’t stopped there.

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On Tuesday, I was reading a passage from the book of Revelation. In this particular passage (Revelation 22:16), Jesus refers to Himself as the bright morning star. I’m not entirely certain of what this image means within the Church, or other contexts, so please feel free to provide insight if you know about this. But this phrase stuck out to me and I think it shows His nature.

On Wednesday, there were a couple of things that God brought to my mind in prayer.

The first thing was almost an answer or guide to something that I’ve been struggling with for months.

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I’m going to be real honest with you here. The reason this stuck out to me is because I have been struggling to believe everything we believe as Catholics. My mind can think over what we believe, and it can do so in a logical and analytical way. And I’m an analytical person, so this part is easy and this is what my mind automatically defaults to.

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Because I am an analytical person, I rely on my senses quite a bit. But there’s a problem in this that we can’t see, hear, feel, or even taste God in the same way we can other people. And this is where I struggle. I struggle with not being able to interact with someone in the same way I do with everyone else.

And I think a lot of it is convincing my heart that it’s okay to trust and believe in something, and someone, that I can’t interact with “normally.”

Also on Wednesday, God showed me a bit of His own personality.

While in prayer, I was reading the passage that says to ask, seek, and knock. This got me to thinking.

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Now, now, now, hang with me for a minute. There’s a saying that I heard that I think can summarize who God is:

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God, by nature, is Love, and He desires to give us His love. So, He always acts out of love. We may not always necessarily be on His good side, but He will listen to us and provide what we need and answers to our prayers. All because He loves us.

It is here that I will end today’s blog.

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your Friday and that your weekend is enjoyable!


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