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Seeing God in New Ways


This week has been a fairly big one concerning where I’ve seen God working in my life.

It all started on Friday.

After my work day was finished on Friday, I sat down for prayer.

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And then it continued on Saturday. And there were a lot of ways in which God showed His presence on Saturday.

When I took the dog out in the morning, I looked down and saw some of the flowers in the flower bed. These flowers are some that close in the evening and open back up in the daylight.

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And then, I turned on the sidewalk so that my back was to the sun. And man did that warmth feel good on my back. I just stood there for a moment or two and basked in that warmth.

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I was at the hospital waiting for my mom to get off from work and I went to a vending machine in the basement to get a snack. As I was deciding what to get/seeing how much money I needed, said man came in and starting looking for what he wanted after greeting me. Not only that, but he said that my perfume smelled good (which isn’t a comment I get often. From anyone. So it felt nice and my heart feel warm.) We shared a couple of statements back and forth before I decided that I had what I wanted. I told him to have a nice day and he responded positively before I walked back to the elevators.

Then, later in the day, I was talking with my mom and something we were talking about stuck out to me: it’s not just me against the world like I tend to believe.

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And God continued on Sunday.

But this was in a more shocking way. For in prayer on Sunday, God called me out on some of the things I’ve been doing.

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Monday and Tuesday were similar, at least in prayer.

During prayer on both of those days, God was reminding me and helping me figure out who He is. Not only that, but I feel like He was nudging me to do more outside of prayer.

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I had been praying about whether writing was what I need to do and it’s been something in my mind for a while. But Tuesday, I took a big step in submitting a manuscript to a publishing company.

And the progress in prayer continued on Wednesday.

I was at church praying before Mass. And God touched my heart again concerning the relationship I personally have with Him.

And He did so in a few ways: what it means to be childlike, reminding me that there’s nothing that He cannot do, everything pales in comparison to knowing God and how He works, and being able to experience Him more in my life since going to Confession last week.

And there was something else that came to mind while in prayer:

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Why does any of this matter?

Well, peace is something that I’ve been looking for for a while and I feel like it’s something that’s been coming to me slowly over the past few weeks.

And the flowers and warmth on Saturday showed me God’s presence in my life. And God showed Himself through the man and the conversation.

And Sunday through Wednesday’s prayer showed me that God’s voice can be heard and that progress can be made if I want it to be.

And with that, I’m going to close the post.

Until next time, I hope you have a good day and weekend! And if you have any comments, questions, ideas, or recommendations, please let me know!


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