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Friends in High Places


So today, I thought that we’d look into something that’s common within the Catholic Church: the role of the saints in our lives. (And again, this is my own understanding and opinion, not necessarily that of the Church.)

So, who are the saints, exactly?

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These are the people we believe have fulfilled their time in Purgatory and have entered Heaven for eternity.

What exactly is the role of the saints?

My understanding is that the saints are people we can look up to, model our lives after, and ask to pray for us.

How can we look up to them and model our lives after theirs?

The saints were able to overcome the struggles and obstacles in their lives in various ways and times.

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They show us that we are not alone and that we can overcome struggles and achieve holiness. They show us that no matter what happens, we can still get to Heaven.

And when we Catholics are Confirmed, we choose an individual saint that we can look up to, model our lives after, become friends with, and they will always be praying for us.

What about this asking them to pray for us?

Brief tangent: I’ve heard that some people outside of the Catholic Church think that we Catholics worship Mary (and possibly other saints). But these people, especially Mary, have a place of honor and love in our hearts.

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With this knowledge, we ask them to pray to God on our behalf, to bring our prayers and intentions to God, to intercede for us.

There’s an analogy about this that I think works well: we ask people that we know here on earth to pray for us in certain circumstances. This is the same thing we ask the saints to do. The only difference is that the saints’ souls are in a different place than our own.

To wrap up:

Saints are people we can look up to, learn about, become friends with, and ask for their intercession.

And if you have a favorite saint, or saints, please comment below. I’d like to hear about them! (My Confirmation saint is Joan of Arc and others that have a special place in my heart are Sebastian, JPII, Dymphna, Mary, and Joseph.)

Until next time!


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