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Life Since Graduation and Where Does God Fit?


This post is basically a back story.

During college, my major area of study was English Literature and my minor areas of study were Professional Writing and Religious Studies.

Over the course of college, what I wanted to do with what I was learning changed a few times. A couple of the ideas that crossed my mind that I can think of right now were librarian, writer, and publisher.

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I think I was so caught up in what was going on that day and what was happening in the very near future. So much so that when graduation rolled around, I only had an idea instead of a solid plan.

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Okay, so I graduated. What now?

The day of graduation and the week immediately following, I didn’t really have time to form a solid, workable plan.

I graduated Saturday morning, talked with people, took pictures, and went to a graduation party with friends and family. And that took up a majority of that day.

The next day, I went to Mass before my mom and I went on a week-long vacation to Florida. Over the course of this week, I remember thinking of what I could do, but not really getting too far with it.

From what I remember, the next couple of weeks are not extremely eventful. But then I go to Hawaii with family.

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Why did things start when you went to Hawaii?

On our way to Hawaii and while we were in Hawaii, we were dealing with a family emergency back home and were trying to figure out what needed to be done. We ended up cutting our trip short and flying through the night to get home as soon as we could. And the emergency took a long time to be worked out.

And during this time, we had support from a bunch of people, some of whom I knew and others I’ve never met. I know that I personally had people from a previous job, a couple of priests, and some of my best friends praying for the situation.

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And during this time and the time immediately following, a new chapter in my life began.

While the family emergency was going on, I started working on my writing career. And at the end of June, I started this website.

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I had an idea of where I wanted the site to go, but I didn’t really have a solid plan for how to reach the dream. I looked at and participated in a variety of different resources over the course of the summer. But I still struggled with it.

And doubts were making their way into my mind.

I was wondering if this is what I needed to be doing. I wondered if I was living up to the standards society had for me. The standards my family had for me. The standards I had for myself. I wondered how to make my dream and website work.

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But I’m realizing that there might have been a purpose to all of this.

Yes, I have and have had doubts, anxieties, fear, and so on about the site, the circumstances surrounding it, and where it will go.

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I am not alone. I have people who support me. I have people who encourage me to chase my dreams. I have people that are excited for me. I live in a country and a faith tradition that allows me to chase my dreams and do something like this.

But there’s something even bigger than all of this.

I think there were lessons God was trying to teach me (and others) throughout the past few months. One of these lessons, like I said earlier, was that prayer is heard and prayer works.

And I think another lesson I can learn from all of this is to have patience. Patience with myself. Patience with others. And patience with God.

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And with that, I think we’re going to close the post for today.

If you have anything you’re struggling with, or any lessons you feel like God is trying to teach you or someone you know, please leave them in the comments!

Until next time, I hope you have a good day!


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2 thoughts on “Life Since Graduation and Where Does God Fit?”

    1. Thank you! And it’s definitely been a struggle trying to figure out what exactly I need to do and what He’s calling me to do. It’s something that I’m still struggling with. And I’m glad that you enjoyed this post!

      – Victoria

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