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Being Comfortable In My Own Mind

Hello and welcome to today’s post!

On Monday, I talked with you about not feeling good in my own skin. Below is a selfie that I took this week to kind of give you an idea of what I currently look like.


But what I look like and how I feel about my appearance is not what we’re going to be talking about today.

What we’re going to talk about today is how I’ve become more comfortable with my mind and how I think over the past few months or years.

As I’ve discussed in earlier posts, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2015. I have been on medication to help get it under control since 2016. And since then, I’ve gotten better at recognizing when it’s anxiety speaking. Whether I’ve gotten better at cutting my anxiety off early or not is debatable.

And over the past few months/years, I’ve also gotten to the point that I recognize certain qualities that I have.

One example is through the Harry Potter series (all Wizarding World related information belongs to J.K. Rowling).

The reason I bring up the Harry Potter series is because of the sorting system. People are sorted into their Houses according to certain traits and/or ways of thinking.

Without going into too much detail, I was sorted into the Houses of Ravenclaw and Pukwudgie. Ravenclaw is characterized by intelligence, wit, individuality, creativity, imagination, and so on. Pukwudgie is believed to favor healers and representing the heart of a witch or wizard (Pottermore).

Knowing this kind of information is kind of cool because I get to know what characteristics I have and what I value.

And knowing these qualities has another cool perk.

I get to know which talents, qualities, or perks God has given me and meant for me to use.

The creative, imaginative, and individual side of me comes in handy in writing and blogging. The witty and intelligent part of me comes in handy in life in general.

I still have to figure out where the healer and heart come in handy (even though I have some ideas).

I have also gotten more confident in who I am through watching certain YouTubers’ videos.

How could this be?

I guess since watching these videos, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the weirder aspects of my personality (they’ve always been there, but it’s just been recently when I’ve gotten more comfortable with them).

And having friends and family that support my weirdness, quirks, and traits is an invaluable resource. Especially when they’ll be weird and show their quirks and traits, too.

Why does all of this matter? And what does it have to do with God?

Well, wasn’t it God who gave me these traits, quirks, and qualities? And don’t you think He wants me to use these? And use them for the good?

I think so.

And I think God is glad to see me using these qualities, quirks, and traits. And I think He’s glad to see me becoming more comfortable with them.

One more thing:

I think the more I discover my qualities, quirks, and traits, the closer I think I get to who God meant for me to be.

Like I said before, He gave me these things for a reason. And I think part of the reason is because I can use these things in a way no one else could, can, or ever will be able to. How cool is that?

And He did the exact same thing for every other human being. Including you. Yes! You!


I again have a challenge for you.

What qualities, quirks, and traits do you think you have? Do you think God gave you these qualities? (spoiler: the answer is yes!) How do you think you could use these? How do you think God may be calling you to use these?

Until next time!



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