Catholic Things

Building a Relationship With Jesus


This week with Jesus has been spent building our relationship.

Our relationship hasn’t always been the greatest. In fact, at one point, it was practically non-existent. And it grew/began to better form when I was in college.

But in college and the months since, I’ve struggled with my relationship with Him.

Sometimes, it’ll feel like I’m talking to myself. Other times, I can’t seem to concentrate. And yet other times, I struggled to make sure I got prayer in at all.

But this week (and even weeks prior), my relationship with God has been on my mind quite a bit.

Let me explain.

During Saturday’s prayer, I felt calm, quiet camaraderie with Jesus. And then I think God told me that it can be like this more often if I want it to. And He continued by telling me that He loves spending time with me and that He can be my best guy friend. (Don’t look at me weird. God knows how my mind works and caters to that.)

This continued on into Sunday’s prayer. God was telling me not to be afraid to tell Him something because I’m afraid of how He’s going to react. And He told me that He’d rather receive the hard truth than a sugar-coated lie and that the truth reveals the real me. And then this thought came to me: He wants to know the real me and He wants me to be vulnerable with Him.

And this thread of prayer continued on into Monday’s prayer. I listened to a song which includes a line about the bond between two beings. And I connected this to the bond between Jesus and I. And this bond cannot be broken.

Tuesday’s prayer wasn’t entirely focused on my relationship with God. But there was one thing that stuck out to me that I feel like God was trying to say to me: He will always listen. And He’ll talk back if I give Him the chance. 😊 And in that last comment, I felt His humor coming through.

Jesus continued on Wednesday. He reminded me that I’m trying to do things on my own with this site instead of including Him in it. The reason this matters is because in the beginning, I had the thought that the site could be our site. Jesus and I’s site. But I’ve lost sight of that.

But He didn’t stop there. He also told me He loves me just the way I am. This is something that I should remember more than I do. Like I said in Monday’s post, I struggle with my body image. And I still have a ways to go mentally. But yet, Jesus loves me just as I am. Here and now. And that’s so good to hear. I just need to work on believing it.

So, I have a challenge for you:

Until next time, I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend!



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