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Fighting For What We Believe In


Yesterday was a special day here in the United States: Veterans Day. This is the day we celebrate the people who have served in our Armed Forces.

And when I thought about writing this post back at the end of October, my mind made a connection.

The men and women we honored yesterday fought for our country. They saw our country and our rights as something to fight for.

And that got me to thinking:

Do we as Catholics have something to fight for?

I think we do.

We can stand up for our right to practice our Catholic faith. And when or where we can’t, we can try to find ways to continue practicing our faith however and wherever we can. We can also stand up for particular Catholic beliefs, like pro-life standings.

Another thing to bring in to the conversation is something that happened last week here in the States: Election Day.

I don’t want to begin any political fights here on this site or post, but I do think this is something that is valuable to this discussion.

When we have the right to vote, we have the right to change things. We have the right to make things better. We have the chance to stand up for what we believe in and vote for the people we believe will uphold our own or similar beliefs.

In countries like the United States, we have plenty of opportunities to practice and defend our faith.

But what happens when you live in a country where practicing and defending what you believe in is a bit more difficult?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’d recommend trying to find ways to continue practicing the faith however and wherever you can.

I am fortunate enough to not have to worry about the struggle to practice and defend my faith. So I don’t know how difficult it is to do so in countries with stricter religious guidelines than the United States.

Overall, I think we should take the example of those who fight for our country and apply that country to practicing and defending our faith.

And here’s my challenge for you:

Until next time!



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