Catholic Things

Embrace the Weirdness


If you’ve been around me enough, you’ll know that I’m incredibly weird and awkward. Like, my weirdness and awkwardness are their own brand.

But you know what?

Me at a jumping point at South Point.

I think that’s perfectly fine. There are a few reasons I say this.

  • Several of my friends are weird and awkward.
  • And we thrive in this awkwardness. Together.
  • A few of my favorite YouTubers are weird and awkward.
  • My weirdness is part of my personality. And I’ve become more comfortable with it.

Let’s talk about that last point.

Y’all know that I’ve talked about God giving us each our own talents, personalities, and quirks. And I think He does this for a reason.

Me being artsy at South Point.

I think my weirdness and awkwardness are personality traits of mine. I don’t think I used to be comfortable with them. But when I went to college and met people who would be weird with me, I started to realize that it’s okay to be weird.

Not everyone has the same kind of weirdness or is as comfortable with it as people I know, but I do think it’s there in some capacity.

There are a few different reasons why I think God gives us our own level and brand of weirdness.

Me awkwardly pointing at the southern most point in the United States.

I’ve discussed before why I think God gives us unique talents and quirks, but I’m going to go over some of them again because I think they can apply well to being weird.

  • Making friends
  • Bonding with friends
  • Bringing something to the world/the community
  • Bringing laughter/fun/joy into the community and the world

Everyone has their own way of expressing their own kind of weirdness.

But I think it does need to be embraced and expressed.

The view above a green sand beach.

I think pretty much everyone can agree that our world is one that is pretty dark and messed up. And I think we need ways of bringing light, laughter, and joy into that darkness.

One way that we can do this is to embrace our quirks and weirdness. If we do this, then we can find people that have similar weirdnesses and share them with us.

I don’t think God wants to see us miserable. I think that might be a part of why He allowed weirdness to happen: so we can bond with others and bring laughter into our lives.

Do you have any weird things you share with your friends? I’d love to hear about them! Comment below!

Until next time!



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