Catholic Things

Finding a Home


I was a staff member at a Catholic youth camp in my diocese for the 2017 summer camp season. And last December, I returned as a councilor for the Christmas Camp. I also had the opportunity (which I took) this past weekend to return to camp for the former staff weekend.

In going back to camp this weekend, I realized something.

A section of the river from the deck of one of camp’s lodges.

Camp feels like home to me. The people, the memories, how I grew as a person. I believe this camp has been placed in my life by God because it has had such a powerful impact on my life.

When I’m there at camp, I have this feeling of being gladly welcomed and belonging there.

I think this is something that I need in my life. I have the feeling that my heart and my mind are all over the place, so it feels good to have a place that I can feel this way about. A place that, no matter what happens in my life, it will always be there and I will always be welcomed back.

And I think God can very much be brought into the situation.

One of the campfire circles.

Yes, God is very much present at camp and He placed camp into my life. But I think He can be brought into it in a different way.

Camp can be seen as a constant in my life. It’s always there and I’m always welcome to come back. No matter what’s going on in my life.

God is very much the same. He’s always here for us. He’s always available for us. He’ll always welcome us back. He desires to be a constant presence in our lives.

And here’s something that I’ve personally struggled with and you know it:

I don’t make God the constant in my life. At least not to the degree to which He desires.

Waiting for Jesus to be placed in the monstrance.

Even though I can’t see where everyone is in their faith life/relationship with God, I’m willing to bet that you have a similar problem.

We’ve grown accustomed to living in a society where not much emphasis is placed on God and including Him in our lives. In fact, I think our society wants us to do the opposite: cut God out and chase our own dreams and plans.

I’m sure you can see the downfall in that idea.

But I think we’re at a great place to begin changing this.

We are now halfway through the third week in Advent and Christmas is less than one week away. But I think there’s still time. Time to recognize where we can work on our relationship with God and include Him in our lives.

How will you use the rest of Advent?



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