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The Wonder of Midnight Mass


Back on Monday, I decided to break away from my traditional posts and do a fun post about my family’s Christmas traditions. I decided that I’m going to do something similar today.

Today, I’m going to share with you somewhat of a fun post on some of the reasons why I like the Midnight Mass.

  • It’s, rather obviously, celebrated at Midnight. As a kid, I would’ve been fascinated with the idea of staying up past my bed time to participate in something that only happens once a year. Some of that fascination of Mass at midnight still continues on into my adulthood.
  • The music. At both my previous and current parishes, the choirs sing Christmas songs before the beginning of the Midnight Mass. My previous parish has an older architectural style, so the voices and music of the choir and instruments sounded beautiful.
  • The lighting. At my previous parish, the lights would be turned down low/off with the lights on the Christmas trees and choir area lit up. And at my current parish, they had only some of the lights on, so there was some of that same affect.
  • Reasons behind the Midnight Mass. I haven’t done research on the history of Christmas Midnight Masses, but I still have an idea about why we celebrate them. As Catholics, we celebrate Christmas as the birth of Jesus. And leading up to Christmas, we have the season of Advent. This season is used to prepare ourselves for Jesus’s arrival. And by having Midnight Mass, we are celebrating His arrival as soon as we can on the day itself. Midnight Mass is already special because it is only celebrated once a year. But its being special is made far greater if we remember why we’re celebrating it.
  • The bringing in of Jesus. At the beginning of Midnight Mass (and the Christmas morning Mass), the priest at my current parish brings in a statue of baby Jesus and sets it in the Nativity. I think this is a cool tradition because it reminds us of why we’re celebrating Christmas and why we celebrated Advent.
  • The use of incense. It’s not very often that we get to use incense in Mass, so using the incense during the Midnight Mass is a tradition that I really enjoy.

There are probably far more reasons to enjoy and celebrate Midnight Mass, but these are the predominant reasons why I enjoy it.

What are some of your favorite things about Midnight Mass (or any other Christmas Mass)?


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