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Mixing It Up


In many ways, God’s been working a bit differently in my life this week.

Let’s start on Friday, shall we?

In Friday’s prayer, I had somewhat normal prayer. I began like I normally do with verbal/heart prayer. Then I went to reading Scripture. The passage I read was Matthew 15:1-13. And in this passage, I was reminded of why we celebrate Advent: preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ. In my reading of this passage, the main theme was that we need to be constantly preparing for Jesus’s coming.

But Saturday was a bit different.

I prayed sometime early that day, but I didn’t feel like it was the best prayer session I’ve had. So later that day, I prayed while I was doing other things. The main example I can remember is that I was praying while folding laundry. But in doing that, I had a bit of a different experience with God.

As we all know, I struggle to feel God’s prayer inside and outside of prayer. But while praying a folding laundry, it was a bit easier for me to have conversational prayer with God.

And Sunday was a bit strange, too.

My mom and I were going to go to Mass together. I got up early enough that I wanted to try to pray before we left. Well, I tried, but it just wasn’t the most productive prayer I’ve had. I couldn’t concentrate and I kept getting dristracted. But I ended up getting prayer in.

But that changed on Monday.

I prayed fairly early on Monday because I knew that my afternoon/evening/night would be busy. And in prayer, I read Luke 15:1-7. This is the passage where Jesus tells the parable of the shepherd leaving the 99 sheep to go after the one lost sheep. Some of the general themes that I got from my readings of this passage include being carried, Jesus carrying us, and how many times He will look for us and what He’ll do to get us back.

But God reached out to me long after I had exited prayer. One of the things I’ve been dealing with for a while is the uncertainty of what I am to do career-wise. Here recently, I’ve come up with the plan to go into freelance writing after getting back from a conference at the beginning of January. And the rest of this plan is to move back to my college town and live there.

But there’s been uncertainty of whether that’s actually what I need to be doing or not. I’ve been excited to start this new chapter of my life, so that encourages me to continue with this plan. Well, one of the things I received this Christmas was a fantastic new writing desk. And I was super excited to receive it, put it together, organize it, work at it, etc. And I took all of this as encouragement from God that writing is what I need to be doing.

And Tuesday was odd. But in a good way.

So Tuesday was Christmas. And my mom and I went to Midnight Mass that day. Knwoing that the rest of my day would be fairly busy, I decided to pray after we got home from Mass and before I went to bed for a few hours. During this prayer, I did something that I normally don’t do in prayer: intercessory prayer. After doing that, I read through Mark 8: 11-13.

But God continued to work through my day. There were a couple of moments in the evening where I knew that it was God who made it happen. The first was the sunset, pictured below.

I had looked out the window of my grandparents’ living room and had seen this. In person, it looked a bit like cotton candy in the sky, but that didn’t really translate over into the picture.

The second God moment that evening was when my uncle asked me to come out on the front porch. He told me to be real quiet and to slowly peer out from under the edge of the overhang. I did as he asked and I saw an owl sitting on a branch not too far from the house. We looked at it for a few moments before letting my aunt and grandparents know that it was there. My aunt and grandmother came out to see it. We all were able to see it for at least a moment or two before it flew away into the surrounding woods.

Onto Wednesday.

I went into town on Wednesday, and while there, I decided to go to the park. I started to pray while there at the park. But being me, I got distracted. So I read instead.

But when I got home, I prayed properly. At the beginning of this session of prayer, I did some intercessory prayer. After completing that section of prayer, I moved on to reading a passage from Scripture. And the particular passage I read was the first reading used in Wednesday’s daily Mass. There were a few things that stuck out to me in this passage. A couple of these things were: “Saul? Like Paul Saul?” and “Stephen’s last words sound similar to Jesus’s last words.”

And on into yesterday.

I went by my grandparents’ house yesterday, and I knew that the evening would probably be fairly busy. Knowing that, I prayed before going over to my grandparents’.

The first major thing I did in prayer was read some of a book called The Name of God is Mercy. There were a few things that I got from the sections I read. A couple of them were: people can be driven away from closed-mindedness and God takes pleasure in small, good things/deeds.

After reflecting on these, I moved on to a Scripture passage. The particular passage I read was the first reading for yesterday’s daily Mass.

And with that, I wish you a great weekend.

I know this was a long post, but a good amount of things happened.

Until next time!


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