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One Thing After Another


While I was at SEEK, a thought came to my mind:

When we overcome one sin that we’ve been struggling with, Satan will try to overpower us with a different one.

As many of you know, I struggled with the same sins for months. And during that time, I was stuck in a cycle of committing the sins, going to Confession, staying away from them for a few days or couple of weeks, committing the sins, and the cycle continued.

I went to Confession the week before Christmas and I brought these with me. And since then, I have only recently struggled with them this week.

And while I was at SEEK, I went to a talk that specifically discussed how to overcome these sins. And I now have an app on my phone that can help me with it.

But, I think it was the last night of the conference when the enemy tried to get to me again.

The conference was having a NEEDTOBREATHE concert, and Matt Maher was opening for them.

As a friend and I were waiting for some of our other friends, jealousy came over me concerning a certain area in my life.

But I was able to realize what was happening soon enough that I could talk down the jealousy I was feeling.

And that got me to thinking:

Satan will do whatever it takes to get you down.

He’ll do anything to draw you away from your journey to God and to Heaven. That means he’ll use the same sin against you time after time, knowing that it might be your weak spot. He might recognize your resolve against committing that sin, so he’ll try to introduce another one into your mind.

When this happens, I suggest that we try to recognize it and fight against it.

How can we do that?

  • Recognize where you’re weak. Think about what sins have caused you problems in the past. What can you do to prevent you from committing them again? Or, where could sin come in? Like, I recognized I was getting jealous of a situation. So, what in your life could the enemy use to tear you down?
  • Bring God into the situation. I don’t know what your relationship with God is like, but if you ask Him to help you, He will. If we ask Him to help us, He will come. It doesn’t matter if we’re currently in trouble and needing His help now, or if we’re asking for His help for any future trouble we might have. He will help us in any and every situation we ask Him to.
  • Do your part of the effort. Yes, we can ask God to help us, and yes, He will help us. But that doesn’t give us permission to let Him do all the dirty work. We still need to do our duty in fighting against it. That could look like recognizing both sides of a situation. Or downloading an app that can help defeat that sin that you’ve been struggling with.
  • Go to Confession. I recognize that people may struggle with Confession for different reasons. Or they may think that they still fall into the same sin again after going to Confession. I understand. I’ve been there. But I think Confession can give us the grace we need to overcome whatever sin we’re dealing with.
  • Talk to someone you trust, like a close friend or a trusted mentor. Talking to someone trustworthy about a sin we’ve been dealing with can carry a lot of power. Don’t be afraid to become vulnerable to someone. It may be what you needed.

There are probably several more different ways in which we can try to fight against the enemy’s efforts.

Until next time!



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