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The New York Abortions


Before we get into the post, I want to say that the opinions in this post are my own and do not directly reflect the opinions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Thank you for your consideration. Now onto the post.

Here recently, New York has legalized abortion for any reason up until birth. Let’s say a New York woman who’s delivering her baby in the afternoon could have it aborted the morning before the delivery.

I personally think this is wrong. A woman should not abort her child. I stand by what the Church teaches about life beginning at conception. So no matter when a woman has an abortion, she is killing another human being. Also, if you’ve carried the child this long, why not wait a little while longer, deliver the child, and put it up for adoption?

Some of you may be thinking: what about if the mother’s health is at risk because of the pregnancy? I believe that she and her doctors should still try to find a way to carry the child as close to term as possible and deliver. And there are stories where doctors have been wrong: they suggest abortion, but the mother continues with the pregnancy and she and the child end up fine.

So I think New York’s new stance on abortion is not the correct thing to be doing. We should not be working towards more abortions. We should be fighting for making abortions illegal.

But there’s another thing that I’ve seen that makes this even worse.

This weekend, I saw and read this article. And upon further research, I’ve found that the information in this article is true. Basically, this article states that Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, doesn’t want pro-life people in the state.

This is ridiculous. There are so many reasons why I think that this is wrong. This decision could affect New York as a state, especially the tourism, and possibly employment and housing.

And a comment is made in the article about New York being the “abortion capital of the world.” And with research, I’ve found that New York is already the abortion capital of the country. I don’t know how accurate the statement is about it being the abortion capital of the world, but the fact that it’s the abortion capital of the country is bad enough.

This is not something that I would see as a good thing. Why would a state want to be known as the abortion capital, whether nationally or globally? I’ve been to New York City twice. And that city alone had me liking New York. And I’m sure there are a lot more reasons to like New York State. So why mess with that by making New York the abortion capital?

What do you think about all of this? Let me know in the comments below!


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