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A Reaction to the Philippines Cathedral Bombings


This past Sunday (Jan. 27, 2019), there were a couple of bombings at a Catholic cathedral on one of the Philippine islands. It’s reported that at least 20 have been killed and even more have been wounded. It’s said that one of the bombs went off at the cathedral while the other went off nearby. And it has also been stated that an Islamic group was involved.

I have a few thoughts about this situation. And all thoughts from here on out are my own and do not reflect anyone else’s.

First, the majority of Muslims are not terrorists. I personally think that the majority of Muslims would not want this to happen. So please remember that the group that did this is not representative of Islam as a whole.

Secondly, I think there needs to be a civil understanding between faiths. I don’t know why the group behind this decided to do this. I’m sure they had their motives. But when people go to worship, regardless of their faith, they don’t want to have to fear for their lives. And I don’t think people would want to be attacked because of their faith. So if an Islamic faction is indeed behind these bombings, I think we need to work harder for peace amongst faith practices.

Thirdly, this goes against what should be happening during worship. Like I said, people do not want or need to worry about losing their lives when they go to their worship service. Those Catholics in that cathedral were there simply to worship our God. They were there in peace. Worship spaces and services are meant to be places of calm, rest, and peace. Attack, especially because of our faith, should be the farthest thing from our mind.

Fourthly, and probably most importantly, people have either lost their lives or lost important pieces of their lives. At least 20 people were killed; robbed of their lives, hopes, and dreams. And they were forced to leave families behind. And their families have to now learn how to live without them. And there are now families who have wounded family members. I don’t know how severely wounded they are, but lives may be impaired or lost because of the wounds inflicted on them.

And those that are left behind, whether directly or indirectly impacted, they now have to deal with fear on a daily basis. They don’t know if they can keep going to church in peace. They don’t know if anywhere else they go will be bombed. They can’t go outside without a sense of worry. And who knows how long that sense of worry will last or how deep it will go.

I AM NOT saying that we should blame all Muslims for this. For they are peaceful and do not deserve that. But what I am saying is that because of one radical group’s decision to attack a place of peace, people now have to live lives they hadn’t planned on living. And now, because of their decisions, we have to fight harder for a world of peace.


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