Hey guys!

So I have a bit of an announcement concerning the site and that’s why I’m posting on this rainy Thursday afternoon.

Don’t worry, I plan on keeping it active and I still plan on posting Catholic things, but I’ve decided to add a bit of something new to it.

We all know that being Catholic is one aspect of who I am. But it isn’t the only thing about me.

For those of you who personally know me know that I’m a geek/nerd/what have you. So I’m planning on adding that side of me to the site as well. And who knows, I might connect it to my faith as well.

I kind of got this idea from my personal blog where I’ve been reviewing the books that I read and have kept a running list of those books. And I’m going to be doing something similar here.

But I just wanted to let you know that that aspect of my life is being added to the site.

The site’s address, name, and social media tags are all going to remain the same. And Catholic content is still going to be uploaded on the site since that’s what I started this site with. But now, my nerdiness are going to be added to it.

Thanks for your consideration and I hope adding you can connect to this new content as well!



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