The Power of Books and Music

Hey, guys!

As I’ve said in a previous post, I’ve enjoyed reading for years. I remember sometimes during recess in elementary school, I would sit and read instead of going and playing with the other kids. And I remember looking at and checking out books from the school’s library, as well as getting excited for the book fairs. And even now, when I’m out of college, I get excited when I start a new book or am close to finishing one. And I can get pulled into the world of the book as I read.

Another thing that I’ve enjoyed for most of my life is listening to and playing music. From elementary school until high school graduation, I lived about half an hour from my school. So more often than not, I would be listening to music during the ride to and from school.

And this habit continued on into college when I would put in my earbuds and listen to music on the way to class, on a walk, on the way to Newman, etc. And since I created a Spotify account a few years ago, I’ve created many different playlists.

As for playing music, from first to fifth grade, I was taught how to play the piano. Then, when I went to middle school, I stopped the piano lessons and decided to play the violin. I took violin lessons during middle school on into high school. And I played my violin in my school’s orchestra during middle school and a year or two in high school. And I’ve recently picked up my violin, after a few years, to begin playing again.

And for a few years during middle and high school, I was in my school’s choir.

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There are certain books that helped me grow as a person. And some books hold memories of certain periods of my life.

And the same goes for songs. When I hear a song, I can remember the first time I heard it, a certain situation, or a certain person or character I associate with it.

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I’ve experienced this with some of the books I’ve read here recently. They capture some of the feelings that I’ve been having or capture a mentality that I’ve had and haven’t been able to put into words. And some of the songs I’ve heard have done the same thing.

And I think there are reasons for why it’s like this:

  • They help us remember our past as we move forward. As time goes on, we all change. But in hearing a song, or seeing/reading a book, we are reminded of who or where we once were. And it is in this that we’re able to hold onto our stories while able to grow into new people.
  • They can help us figure ourselves out. As in some of the books I’ve read recently, certain books and songs can help us untangle the chaos we may be feeling in our own lives and minds.
  • They can help us communicate with others. Sometimes, even though we know what we’re feeling or thinking, it can be difficult to communicate that with someone else. And a certain book or song can help us do that.

But I don’t think these are the only reasons why we have books and music.

Yes, they can do all of those things. And yes, we can enjoy them simply to enjoy them.

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Yes, this is probably a stretch, but God can possibly be seen in our interest in books or music. He gives us the talent we need to play instruments, write music, or write books. But, I think He’s also the one that gives us the interest we have in books in music. And it is this interest that sparks our want to read and listen.

And I think there are different ways that God can use books and music in our lives.

He can communicate a message through them. He can use them to help connect us with other people, leading to possible friendships. He can use them to help us get through difficult times in our lives.

Overall, I think that God can use these things that we enjoy to help our relationship with Him and with others.

Until next time!



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