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Bittersweet Nostalgia

Hey, guys!

This past Wednesday, I went down to Murray for the Daily Mass at my home parish. And I also spent some time visiting the Newman House.

For those of you who might not know, Murray is the home of my Alma Mater, Murray State University. And while attending Murray State, I was involved with the Newman House and St. Leo Catholic Church.

While visiting on Wednesday, I got a bit nostalgic.
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I have so many memories tied to both the university and the communities at Newman and St. Leo. These memories range from big events, like conferences, to small things, like walking back to my room with a to-go box from the dining hall.

These memories are dear to me and I like revisiting them.

But we are not meant to live in our memories.
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Memories are good things and it can be good to revisit them. But we don’t need to, and shouldn’t, spend all of our time there. If we spend all of our time in our memories, then we aren’t allowing ourselves to move forward into our future. Not only that, but we’re also depriving ourselves of the now. And we can deprive ourselves of making more memories as well.

And I don't think God intends for us to stay in our memories.
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Like I said, we’re going to miss out on the now if we’re too focused on the then. And God works in the now. Yes, He works in big ways occasionally. But more often, He works in small ways.

Some of the ways I’ve seen Him work in small ways are flowers or trees budding out in mid-February.

Other examples could be class getting canceled giving you more time to work on a project you need more time on. Or getting to spend time with a friend that you didn’t think you’d get to see.

There could also be big God moments, like getting your dream job.

There’s a point to all this, I promise.

We have to be present in the moment in order to see the small things God wants to share with use. Because if we’re not, then we may end up passing them by. Missing a moment of joy.

Don’t get me wrong, memories have their time and their place. But don’t let them overrun your present.

Until next time!



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