The Stories That Stay With Us

Hey, guys!

There’s this notion that I’ve seen on social media and in film that there are certain stories that stay with us.

These are the stories that impact us the most or mean the most to us.
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And these stories often become our favorites.

For this post, I’m only going to list a few of the stories that have stayed with me through the years.

  • The Lion King. This was my favorite Disney movie growing up. I used to watch it so much up at my grandparents’ house that I’ve ruined the VHS tape. Back then, I think I enjoyed it just because. But now, I can see the lessons in it: doing what’s right even if it isn’t easy. Taking time to figure out what course to take. The people we love won’t leave us, even if they’re gone from our sight.
  • The Lord of the Rings/the Middle-Earth universe. I got into this universe around 7th and 8th grade. I watched the Trilogy quite a bit during this period. Enough that I think my parents got tired of it. And I remember reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy before freshman year of high school. When The Hobbit films came out in theaters, my uncle and I would go see them. I don’t know what drew me to this literary/film universe, but it’s one that has impacted my life since I entered it. I’ve made friends because of it. I’ve earned fun nicknames because of it. And I think part of its impact came from the fact that it was there for me during the awkward years of middle school and early high school. It’s had such an impact on me that any time I see, hear, or read anything Middle-Earth related, it feels like I’m returning home.
  • The Chronicles of Narnia. I think this series/universe has a place in a lot of people’s hearts. Myself included. I own and have read all seven of the books and seen the three recent film adaptations. This is one of those series where I don’t know exactly when I got into it. But I do know that I was in the “fandom” in sixth grade when the film adaptation of Prince Caspian came out. I don’t know what exactly drew me to this series, but there are so many good things that can be drawn from it.
  • Harry Potter. I grew up watching the film adaptations. In fact, I think it was tradition for my grandmother to get me (at least some of) the movies when they came out on VHS or DVD. But I think I only read the first book when I was younger. In fact, I read the series all the way through for the first time this past fall (Fall 2018). I can see how people get invested in the series and the world around it. In fact, some of my friends and I have gotten into it quite a bit. A group of us have named ourselves after a group in the series and decided who matches each member of the fictional group. And of course, we know our Hogwarts Houses. I’ve heard of people being deeply impacted by this series in good ways. And I can see why. There are great lessons for people of almost any age group.

Honorable mentions:

  • Merlin (BBC)
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians

And these lists are by far not extensive. There are so many more books and stories from my life thus far.

What are some of the stories/books/films/series that have impacted you? Let me know in the comments below! I’d like to hear about them!



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