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How’s That Resolution Going?

Hey, guys!

Back at the beginning of the year, I made three resolutions for 2019:

  • Get closer to having a steady job and place of my own (if not getting there)
  • Become more comfortable with myself/in my own skin
  • Be more than a “Sundays Only” Catholic

Let’s talk about that last one.

During college, I was incredibly involved in my faith: going to Adoration every week, going to the Chapel more, going to Sunday Mass, going to Daily Mass more, praying every day, being a part of a Bible Study, going to Confession on a regular basis, going to Spiritual Direction, being the Liturgical Chair, and being a part of a decently sized Catholic community.

But since graduating, my involvement in my faith has gone down. I still pray every day and go to Mass on Sundays. I still to go Confession somewhat regularly. But I don’t go to Adoration, Daily Mass, or the Chapel as much.

And that can cause a slight problem for being more than a “Sundays Only” Catholic.

Okay. You may be thinking:

Define Sundays Only Catholic.
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For me, a “Sundays Only” Catholic is someone who’s main interaction with their faith is Sunday Mass and maybe praying every day.

And since graduating, I’ve kind of slipped back into this mold. Like I said, the main way I interact with my faith is by praying every day and attending Sunday Mass.

And at the beginning of the year, I wanted to get out of this habit. Do more with, in, and for my faith.

And I’ve hit some road blocks (some of which are self-imposed):

  • Remaining in the habit that has formed in the past months.
  • Making excuses like my home parish being 40 minutes away.
  • Not feeling like going into Paducah to go to Adoration.
  • Staying stuck in a mindset that I’ve had for years.
So I guess if I want to do more, i can begin with tackling these barriers.
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If you’d like to become more than a “Sundays Only” Catholic as well, I’d recommend thinking about where you are now and some of the faith-related things you’d like to do.

Until next time!



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