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Their Journey Is Not Mine

Hey, guys!

I know I’ve published posts in the past about comparing ourselves to others. But there’s something else that I’d like to bring up about this.

Comparing myself isn’t just limited to my body.

I compare my faith life to that of others as well.
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And this is something that I’ve been dealing with here recently. I let myself believe that I’m not where I need to be. I let myself get discouraged because where I am in my faith life is not where I think other people are in theirs. And I let myself believe that I’m not where I need to be in relation to my own expectations. Or even the expectations of others.

But this can raise some red flags.

Every person goes through life with different circumstances and situations. And those in my life don’t match those in other people’s lives. So what does that mean?

My faith life should not match those of others either.
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But this is difficult for me to do.

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like disappointing people. And because of this, I set up expectations of what I expect of myself and what I think others expect of me. But this is something that I need to break.

I’m not sure how I will break this pattern. I guess there’s at least one way to break this habit:

And that is to at least remember that I'm not supposed to be like others.
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I am my person and I do things in my own way. Yes, some things will be similar to what others do in their lives, but not everything will match up exactly.

Let me know in the comments if you struggle with this as well. And also comment below any ideas you might have for breaking this pattern.


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