Catholic Things

Lent 2019

Hey, guys!

Today is Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent.

It’s common for Catholics to either give something up or do something extra during Lent. And from what I understand, whatever we end up doing for Lent should bring us closer to God/help our relationship with Him.

One year during college, I remember I gave up social media, deleting all social media apps from my phone.

But this year, I'm doing something different.
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This year, I’ve decided to do something extra instead of giving something up.

As I’ve stated in previous posts, I struggle with my relationship with God. So I’ve decided to add something to what I normally do.

At Bible studies during college, we would list highs, lows, and God moments that happened since the last time that the group met. So I’ve decided to start writing down God moments from every day. And maybe on Sundays, picking out my favorite God moment from the week.

My hope in this is that I can work on my relationship with God, trying to see Him more in my life every day.
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Hopefully I’m able to stick to it and it achieves what I hope it does.

Until next time!



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