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The Poor Widow

Hey, guys!

There’s a Scripture passage that has been sticking out to me here recently.

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In this passage, Jesus is watching people put money into the treasury. He sees rich people putting in quite a bit of money into it, but the person who catches His eye is a poor widow. This widow doesn’t have much, so she only puts in two coins. But Jesus makes the comment that the widow gave all she had. Jesus makes the comment that this widow, although giving a lesser monetary amount than the others, actually ended up giving more than all the others. Why? Because the others gave out of their wealth, but the widow gave everything she had.

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And in focusing on the widow, I’ve come up with a few different theories.

  • Since she was contributing out of the little she had, it meant much more than those giving much out of the much that they had.
  • She was a widow, so she might’ve had to support herself instead of having someone to support her.
  • And we don’t know exactly how old she was, so she might’ve been a young woman.
  • She might’ve had children that she needed to take care of as well as herself.
  • She might not have had the best job/source of income.
  • Maybe her faith/religion was important to her, so she was willing to make a sacrifice for it.
  • Maybe she took the time to take care of her basis needs (as well as those of any children or family she had to support), and the two coins she gave was all that she had left.
  • Maybe she took the time to figure out how much she could give while still taking care of the necessities.
  • While it probably took minimal effort for those giving a lot of money to the treasury, it probably took/meant a lot more for the widow to give the little she did.
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As I’ve said in a previous post, I tend to compare my faith life to those of others. I tend to compare myself to what I see of other people’s faith lives, or what I think their faith life is like. And I tend to think that they do better or more than I do. And I think that there are certain things that are required of me that I might not be achieving very well.

But the widow can teach me something about this:

Giving a little that took a lot of hard work to achieve is far better than giving a lot that was achieved easily.

I think this train of thought can help me, especially since I feel like I can give very little right now in my faith.

What can the poor widow in this story teach you?



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