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New Mexico: A Year Later

Hey guys!

It’s been a year since I came back from my mission trip to New Mexico.

When we were there last year, the people we served were loving, welcoming, and kind. And the children that I personally worked with accepted me into their lives with so much love.

I could feel God there with us as we lived and worked with the people we were serving. His presence in and among them was obvious.

And a year later, the amount of love I feel when looking back on that trip hasn’t lessened. When I was there, I had experienced a love that I hadn’t felt before. And since then, I haven’t experienced a love quite like that.

I was accepted as I was by children who lived in such different circumstances as I did (and continue to) live in. We were outsiders. Yet, they accepted us as some of their own.

And I think this is what God calls us to do. To love and accept not only those we know and those who are like us. But to accept those who are different from us and who may not be in our lives for very long. For in doing so, we may impact their lives and hearts in ways that we don’t understand. We may change their hearts for the better. Or they may keep us in their hearts long after we’ve left their midst.

Or we may not impact them at all.

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Part of me believes, even a year later, that they impacted me more than I did them. I don’t know if that’s true, but I feel as if I left having received more than I gave.

Needless to say, within the past year, I’ve loved and missed the people I served with my team. I continue to pray for them, especially that they be kept safe from harm. And I pray for my team as well.

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And I hope that you have, or can find, someone like in your life.

And maybe people will help us be more like them, bringing more goodness to the world.

Until next time!


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