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A Trip to Indy

Hey, guys!

This past weekend, I made a trip up to Indianapolis, IN, to visit and attend a concert with one of my best friends. During this trip, we were able to have quality time and learn about myself a bit.

But there was something else that occurred to me over the weekend:

And that was how much my faith means to me.
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Over the course of the weekend, we did a few Catholic things: Adoration, an Indy Young Adult Catholic dinner, prayer, and Mass. Not only that, but the concert we went to was a part of a Christian band’s tour.

A few posts ago, I talked about if our actions reflected our faith. And it was in Mass on Sunday that I realized how much my faith actually impacts my life.

I enjoy doing faith related things. Like attending Mass, praying daily, or going to Adoration. In fact, this weekend, I figured out that I would prefer to do faith related things than other activities people my age do.

And I think there are a few reasons why my Catholicism is so important to me.
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  • It’s communal, yet personal. In being Catholic, I have a built in community. The Mass itself is a communal prayer. And there are ways to be involved with other Catholics. Some of my best friends are Catholic. And there are Catholics around the world. But, Catholicism also caters to the personal side of things. I can pray on my own. I can interact with God in certain ways on my own. My relationship with God and my growth in that relationship is my own. I value both sides of my faith. And they go hand in hand.
  • It’s a constant in my life. I’ve been Catholic in name my entire life. And since starting being a practicing Catholic in middle and high school, it’s had a constant presence in my life. And when I went to college, I decided to make it a major part of my personality and life.
  • It’s something that I can rely on. There are a couple of things with this. The structure of both the Mass and the Church as a whole stay generally the same. So no matter where I go, if I can find a Catholic church, then I’ve found people that believe the same things I do and practice (mostly) the way that I do. And with there being uncertainty in my life, I can count on the Church always being there for me. And in this, I’ll have a place where I’m always welcome, where I know what’s expected of me, and just a place where I can be me.

This weekend, I was able to recognize how much my faith means to me. How much the Church, my Church, means to me.

And I can call the Church home.
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