Catholic Things

God and the Art of Play

Hi, guys!

A couple of my friends and I went hiking this past Saturday. And along that hike, we were goofing around and having fun in a way that can be explained as playing. And we’re in our early 20s.

Often, playing and being over 20 don’t go together. Why? Our culture has taught us that playing is for children. But I think adults need to play too.

How? you ask.

Any thing that’s good natured and allows the participants to have fun.

But there’s something else about playing:

I think God wants us to play every once in a while.
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Our world is a serious and messed up one. So it would be good for us to put those things to the side for a little bit just to relax and have fun.

I don’t think God wants us to be serious, stressed, and pulled in every direction all the time. I think He wants us to know what it’s like to slow down and enjoy ourselves.

And play can do just that.

And don’t worry about looking like an idiot. Chances are, God is going to be laughing with us, not at us. Who knows, He might even join us when we’re having fun.

So, I think having fun and playing needs to become a norm for adults as much as it is for children. Maybe not as much or in the same ways as children, but play all the same.

It’s sad how few adults make time for this. And it’s just as sad, if not more so, that adults have often forgotten how to play.

So let’s make it more common, shall we?



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