Catholic Things

A Constant Companion

Hi, guys!

As Catholics, we believe that each human being has a guardian angel. And this is something that I am particularly fascinated with.

Before we get any further, I’d like to say that this post reflects my personal ideas/beliefs on guardian angels and does not directly reflect the official teachings of the Catholic Church.

From my understanding, a guardian angel is a being that stays with a soul from conception until natural death. This being helps protect the soul and guide it.

Having a being given to us by God to stay with us our entire lives is part of why guardian angels fascinate me so much. Firstly, God cares about each soul so intensely that He gives one of His angels to each and every soul that is created.

Secondly, I find it cool that we have a being with us through everything. So not only does God know everything that’s going on in our lives, but we have an angel that is there with us through it all. And on this train of thought, I would think that since guardian angels know what we go through, they also understand how we feel and where we’re coming from. And this kind of companionship is invaluable.

Thirdly, we have another being on our side. Our guardian angels have our best interests at heart. They want the best for us. So I think they’d do what they can to help us achieve the best we can. How cool is it to have a being that will fight for us and help us do the best we can.

So, there are my personal thoughts o guardian angels. If you’d like to learn more about guardian angels, I recommend checking out what the Catholic Church officially teaches on them (the Catechism of the Catholic Church would be a good place to start).



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