Catholic Things

The Two Sides of God

Hi, guys!

For Lent this year, I added something to my days instead of cutting something out. And the thing that I added was trying to see the God moments in every day.

There was a range of different moments that made the list. But sometimes, God used the same thing multiple times to get my attention. And it’s something that is seemingly insignificant: flowers. More specifically: wildflowers.

Wildflowers can be so easy to miss, especially if they’re small like so many of the ones I saw were. But when I did see them, I would often pause and think about pretty or cute they were.

Sometimes, I like to think that when I see flowers like this, it’s God giving me a bouquet of flowers.

But one day late in Lent or shortly after Easter, I had a thought when I saw the flowers (and the buds in the trees).

When we look closely at flowers (or the buds on trees in the spring), we can see how detailed these little pieces of nature are. And I had the thought that God put the time and effort into designing every little detail we see.

And this train of thought led to this idea: in seeing these flowers, we get a look into God’s more feminine side.

We see that He cares for small details. We see that He can communicate in small ways. We see that He puts time, care, and effort into something we often see as a feminine field.

And this is in contrast to the more masculine side of God that we’re used to seeing. God as “Father.” And Jesus as the Son. And when Jesus was in His human form and walking the face of the earth, He was a carpenter (a role traditionally reserved for men).

So having God put time, effort, care, and detail into something as feminine as flowers goes somewhat against our more masculine idea of Him.

But God created everything, both masculine and feminine. And I think He wanted it that way.

So I think it’s good that we get glimpses of His care for the feminine. If only we look for it.



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