Catholic Things

Calm Amidst the Storm

Hi guys!

One of the things we as Catholics try to do is keep Sundays holy. This basically means that we go to Mass and rest. Unless we have to, we try not to work like we do the other six days of the week.

I personally didn’t really take this rule into consideration until partially through college when I was talking to another Catholic student.

This encounter got me to thinking: what if I had to work on homework on Sundays?

So I decided to look into it and find answers. After looking through the internet and asking the parish priest, I learned that I could work on homework but I also needed to do what I could to keep the day holy.

And that’s what I did for the rest of my college career. I would work on homework, but I would also try to find some way to celebrate the Sabbath.

And for the first year or so after college, I didn’t have to worry as much about this dilemma because I got to make my own schedule. So I didn’t have to work on Sundays if I didn’t want to (and I didn’t).

But when I started my job in retail three weeks ago, this worry crept back into my mind. Especially since I had been (and continue to be) scheduled to work Sundays.

When this anxiety came back up, I had to remind myself of what I read and was told in college: do what you can to make it holy.

And since then, I’ve still been able to go to Mass either on Saturday evening or Sunday morning. I’ve also made sure to relax more outside of work. And for me, that means either napping, reading, or playing games on my phone. I don’t work on this site. I don’t look at emails. If I can, I don’t work on finances.

And the ways that I listed for keeping the Sabbath holy are unique to my life. Each person who reads this post will probably have their own way of keeping Sunday holy.

Also since starting my job in retail, I’ve begun to really understand why God put this rule into effect.

During the other six days of the week, my life can be rather busy. Working on this site. Working odd hours at my job. Running errands. Occasionally going to the gym. Praying. Doing laundry. Reading. Keeping up with my personal blog. And doing other things adult humans need to do to remain alive. Not only is my life busy with all of these things going on, it can feel hectic. And it can sometimes feel like I don’t have any breaks.

But in resting on Sundays, I have the chance to recharge my batteries. I have the chance to get feeling better. I have the chance to get in any introvert time I might not have gotten in during the week.

And I think this is why God wanted the rule in place. He didn’t (and doesn’t) want us to run ourselves into the ground and/or burnout.

So I’d say that we do what we can to keep Sunday holy. Try our hardest to be at a Sunday (or Saturday evening) Mass. Try to get some rest on Sundays. Do something that we enjoy doing.