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Update on the Diary

Hi guys!

Back on July 12, 2019, I published a post talking about my experiences reading St. Faustina’s Diary. At that point, I had only read the first 170ish pages of the diary. And in that post, I discuss what my experiences with it were up to that point.

Well, sometime last week, I decided to shelf the book without finishing. At least for the time being.

The reason why was because I didn’t think reading it in prayer was productive and I wasn’t reading it for the right reasons. I couldn’t always concentrate on what she was writing. I couldn’t always relate to what she wrote, described, and was going through. She just seemed so far away from where I am in my faith life. And in many ways, I felt bad for/uncomfortable with where my faith life is in comparison to where hers was. And this isn’t the way things should be.

Not only that, but I was just reading it to fill in time in prayer and to have more reading time in general. And these two things shouldn’t be why we read during prayer.

And I felt, and continue to feel, that reading her diary isn’t conducive to where I am in my faith life right now. I didn’t feel like it was helping my faith life to deepen in any way. It might in the future, but for now, it’s been shelved.

I don’t want this post to deter you from reading her diary. Because I think there are wonderful things in that book that can teach the reader. If you feel an interest in St. Faustina and/or have an interest in the Diary, by all means, pick it up and read it.

I just don’t think it’s productive for me in this phase of my life. And that’s okay.

Until next time, I hope y’all have a great week!



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