The Thing About Reading

Hi guys!

As I’m sure I’ve stated in previous posts, reading has been a part of my life for years. And for most of that time, I’ve enjoyed reading. In fact, I started building up my collection of books years ago.

But for a time, reading was put on a back burner because I had other things to attend to.

When I graduated from college last year, I reintroduced myself to the joy of reading. And in the time since, I’ve read roughly 70 books.

This summer, an idea was brought to my attention. The idea of reading books and reviewing them for a profit. This idea seemed like it would be a good thing for me because of my love for reading. But I tried it (for a few hours), and I wasn’t comfortable with it. And out of this discomfort, I got to thinking about something.

In trying this idea, reading felt more like a chore. More like something I needed to do. Something I was obligated to do. Not something that I was doing because I enjoyed doing it. And when I would stop reading the book I was reviewing to read the book I was reading for fun, I would feel guilty.

And this got me to thinking even further.

Out of this situation, I came to a decision and an opinion. The opinion that reading should not be seen as a chore, but as something to be enjoyed.

For in books, we can find characters not too different from ourselves. We can learn things about ourselves, others, and our world. And we can go to places that we might not get to go to otherwise.

And in reading, we can find stories that can help us get through dark times in our lives. Or we can find characters that will make us chuckle and enjoy their narrative.

I think enjoying reading can become a part of anyone’s life at any age. But I also believe that teaching children, pre-teens, and teenagers that reading can be enjoyable is vital. This way, they don’t spend their lives avoiding something that could change their life (and maybe even the world).

If you’ve encountered a book that has had any kind of impact on your life, please share it below. And, if you’d like to, share why you enjoy it or why it’s had such an impact on your life.

For me, this would be The Lord of the Rings trilogy because I’ve been able to form deeper relationships with some of my best friends through the trilogy. And it’s also been a part of my relationship with my uncle for years.

Until next time, have a great weekend, y’all!


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