5 Places I Want to Return To

Hi guys!

This isn’t going to be the typical nerdy or Catholic post that I normally put up here on the site, but I thought I’d try something a bit different. I thought that maybe I’d let you guys learn a bit more about me.

I’ve been to a lot of different places throughout my life. Some of them I like better than others. And some, I’d love to return to.

Here’s a list of 5 of the places that I’d like to revisit:

  1. Hawaii. Yes, it would be cool to visit all of the islands, but there are 2 or 3 in particular that I’d like to visit. I’d like to go back to Maui. This was the island we went to on my first trip to Hawaii. But that trip got cut short due to a family emergency back home. So I’d like to go back to this particular island so I can see some of the things I didn’t have the chance to on my first visit and revisit some places. I’d also like to go to Oahu so I can visit the memorial at Pearl Harbor. And I’d like to go back to the Big Island of Hawaii because there were some really cool things and sights there.
  2. Tybee Island, GA. This is a place that has a special place in my heart. It’s a few minutes from Savannah, GA., and is the northern-most part of the Georgia coast-line. I’ve been there a few times already, the most recent trip being in 2015. It has a great, small town vibe to it and the beaches are beautiful. Not to mention, it has a great lighthouse. And it’s close to Fort Pulaski and the Cockspur Island Lighthouse.
  3. Longboat Key, FL. This is a place I visited last year and it’s a place that I think would be cool to go back to. It’s on the Gulf side of Florida and it’s just a neat community. When I visited last time, I wasn’t quite in the mindset to enjoy it as much as I could have. Yes, I enjoyed it, but if and when I go back, I’d like to enjoy it a bit more.
  4. New York City, NY. This is a city that I’ve been to a couple of times and I enjoyed it both times. The first time I went, we stayed mainly in Manhattan (with the exception of going to LaGuardia Airport in Queens). On the second trip, we went to the other boroughs in the city. I particularly remember going to Brooklyn. I’d like to go back to the city because just being in New York is an experience in and of itself. But also, there’s so many things to choose from to do.
  5. Out West. This ranges from the Dakotas down to New Mexico. I’ve only been out west a couple of times: once to South Dakota (and a corner of Wyoming and Montana), and once to New Mexico. I’ve gone up and down the eastern side of the country, so I’d like to get more travels in out west. And anyway, New Mexico has a special place in my heart ever since my mission trip my senior year of college. And South Dakota is beautiful. I know there’s a lot more out west than those two places, and I’d like to maybe see them one day.

If you have any places that you’d like to revisit, let me know in the comments below! I’d enjoy hearing about it. And if you’ve gone to any of the places I’ve listed above and know of some things I should do or see, let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, I hope you have a great weekend!


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