A Look Inside

Hi guys.

Before we get into the post, a note. I’m not posting this to receive pity. I’m doing it to show you guys how I experience a couple of illnesses that affect my life. And no two people with illnesses like these will act or react in exactly the same way.

I put up a post back in early June where I talked about what’s going on in my mind.

Since then, I’ve gotten a job and have gone to the doctor about maybe having ADD (which I don’t. It’s just my anxiety.).

But I wanted to share with you guys some of what’s going on and what I’m going through.

My life is great and where I’m at in life is good. And I’m able to appreciate things in my life.

But my anxiety (and I think depression) is making things different than they would be for someone without the disorder(s).

Yes, I’m able to manage. Yes, I’m able to carry out my duties at my job. Yes, I can go out and take care of things and do things. Yes, I can have a fairly “normal” life.

But the way that my brain is wired and/or runs makes things things a bit more difficult.

I have to put more effort into doing certain things. I have to cope (or know how to cope) with however my body will react to things.

And this kind of goes along with my other illness: hypothyroidism.

Some days, I’m able to go out and do things without much hindrance. But even on these days, my energy may be sapped.

But other days, it’s harder for me to get going and take care of things.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t want pity. I just to bring more awareness to the way life may be for lives affected by illnesses and GAD and hypothyroidism.

Just know: there are people out there who are fighting things that you can’t see. And it takes a lot of effort to be alive and conceal things when we’re out in the world. So please try to look on us with kindness and respect.

Because we’re trying.

Thank you.

– Victoria

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