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It’s Okay to Take Time

Hi guys!

Tuesday night, I had an idea for what to write this post about. And I thought it was a great idea. But then, I forgot what it was and tried desperately to remember what it was. It was late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning when I remembered it.

Here recently, I’ve been seeing a similar sentiment on social media. The idea that some famous people didn’t really become famous until later on. That they might’ve been in a dark spot or a low place before becoming famous. And the sentiment accompanying this is that it’s okay to take your time. It’s perfectly fine if you’re not on the same trajectory as other people.

And this is comforting for me in both my faith life and in my secular life.

When it comes to my faith life, it’s good to know that my life doesn’t have to fit in a certain mold. Yes, there are certain rules that I need to follow as a Catholic. And there is a certain path that God wants me to be on. But just because other people’s lives look a certain way doesn’t mean that mine has to look exactly like theirs. I can look to them for advice, but ultimately, my faith journey is my own. My faith is between God and I.

Where my secular life is concerned, it’s basically the same concept. My life isn’t theirs. So it shouldn’t look exactly like someone else’s. Sure, my life isn’t where I thought it would be a year ago. But it’s still my journey. And my journey is a unique story.

So wherever you are in life, whether faith-wise or secularly, know that your journey doesn’t have to look exactly like those of the people around you. You are your own person, so your life should be unique. For your story is the only one of its kind.

Until next time!


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