This Is What I Get For Waiting Till The Last Second

Hi guys.

Some part of me is wondering if God is playing some joke on me. I’m writing this post in the wee hours of Friday, October 4, 2019. This is my second attempt at typing up this post. I was almost finished with the first typing of this post when my browser decided to stop responding, which meant I had to recover the page. And in doing so, I lost all progress on this post.

So. Here we are. At the end of a long week that has contained so much chaos. With a post that I didn’t have the idea for until late Thursday night. I’m having flashbacks to my college days when I would procrastinate so much on things. But, it is what it is and some habits die hard.

This week has been an odd one. Things in my life have either changed, been pushed back, or have not happened at all. My work situation has changed and hours have been changed or added. Yesterday morning, I had to chase down my dog for the second time in a week and a half. Laundry and dishes are either on hold or pending. Some of my daily to-do lists this week have gone unfinished. And to top it all off, my anxiety and depression have decided to act up.

Hopefully (fingers crossed and knock on wood), things will start to settle down today and this week. Hopefully I can get things done and be able to unwind some.

I just wanted to share with you guys that sometimes, life throws things at us and we have no choice but to keep moving forward and make due. In times of chaos, sometimes, it’s all we can do to hang on and hope for the best.

I know that may not be the most comforting thing to hear, but it is what it is.

Until next time, I hope y’all have a great weekend!


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