A Hiatus is Coming

Hi guys!

I know I’ve taken a handful of breaks over the past year, so a break for the blog now might be a bit unexpected. But, I feel like it’s needed.

Life is kind of hectic right now for me. My work schedule is changing, so I’m having to rearrange the rest of my life around that. I’m not complaining, but it is a big change that I’m going to have to face.

Alongside that, I haven’t been getting as much done in my personal life as I’d like to. Whether that be everyday, mundane things that every single adult has to do or things that I like doing. Things just aren’t getting finished in a time span I’d like to.

And on top of this, I feel like my mental health isn’t doing the best. With everything going on the way it is, I feel like I need to step back and hit the reset button. That way, maybe my brain will get back onto the track I’d like it to be on.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back on the site. But I’m hoping that when I am, I’ll be in a better place mentally and have some better plans for the site.

Until then!


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