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Three Questions Catholics Are Tired of Hearing


Quite a bit (if not most) of the world’s population is not Roman Catholic. And a lot of those people are not familiar with what the Roman Catholic Church teaches and believes. So these people may have a lot of questions for us Catholics. I’m going to try to answer three of the questions inquiring minds might want to know.

Before we go any further, I’d like to say that the answers I give in this post are 100% what I personally understand the teachings to be. That does NOT mean that they are 100% accurate. I’m just a lay Catholic person with a degree from a public university trying to answer the questions based on my own understanding. If you’d like to have more substantial, clearer, or accurate answers, I’d suggest going to someone who is more qualified than me at answering these questions. A few examples of people fitting this criteria include a bishop, a priest, or a Catholic theologian. If I get any of this information wrong, please, please correct me in a polite comment below or email to the address on my contact page.

That being said and out of the way, let’s get onto the questions.

  1. Do Catholics worship Mary? The short and simple answer is no. We do not. But we do place her in a position of great honor. From what I understand, we as Catholics believe that Mary is the mother of Jesus, was Assumed body and soul into Heaven, and is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Because of these things, she has a special place in our hearts. But that does not mean we worship her. Roman Catholics solely worship God. And if I understand correctly, Mary’s role is to point us and guide us to God, especially in the person of her son, Jesus.
  2. What about other saints? Like I said in the first point, we as Roman Catholics worship God and God alone. But the saints do play a part in our spiritual lives. When we get Confirmed, we choose a saint to look up to and have as a role model for our own lives. And these saints pray for us. I’ve heard the role of the saints be compared to asking people in our earthly lives to pray for us. These are the things that saints do: pray for us and be role models for our lives.
  3. Are Catholics Christian? The short answer is yes, we are. All Roman Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic. Back before the beginning of the Protestant denominations, all Christians were Catholic. But there were people (like Martin Luther) who didn’t agree with what the Catholic Church believed or taught. So that sparked their desire to split from the Catholic Church.

Like I said earlier, if you’d like clearer or more accurate answers, please contact someone who has more authority or more understanding the subjects. And if I’ve gotten any of this information wrong, please politely correct me so I can know the correct information for the future.

And please keep all comments below polite, despite any differences in opinions and or/beliefs. If there are any impolite comments, they will not be approved or taken down. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Until next time!


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