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It’s Just Two Minutes


Here a few years ago, it was recommended to me by one of the priests I know to try to set aside two minutes in prayer to silence. Silence to give God the chance to speak. And he might’ve suggested to lengthen the amount of time as I went along.

After he recommended it, I tried doing it for a while. And I’ll admit, it was hard for me to do. I struggled to make myself concentrate when there’s silence.

Well, I gave up this practice for a considerable amount of time. Until earlier this week.

One day this week, I was somehow reminded of setting aside some silent time in prayer to allow God to speak. And I’m starting to include this in my prayer life again. And I’m finding that I still struggle to keep my mind focused on listening to the silence. I feel like I need to fill the silence with words so that I can keep myself focused on prayer.

But I’m wondering if, with more practice, this practice of silence for God will become easier. With time, I might come to learn how God speaks. I might train my brain to not wander for the amount of time I decide to set aside.

On a somewhat different train of thought, I think reimplementing this practice will be good for my prayer life. I’m guilty of doing all the talking and not giving God the chance to speak. And then I go and complain that I don’t know what His voice sounds like, that I’m not seeing prayers answered, or that I’m in the same rut in my prayer life.

And who’s to blame? Not God. Me. I’m to blame.

I pray because I know it’s something that, as a Catholic, I need to do. But, prayer is a conversation. And we’re meant to have a relationship with God. Conversations and relationships are not intended to be one way streets. No. They’re two way streets. And I need to work on opening the other side of the road.

So that’s where the practice of silence can come in handy. Sure, I struggle with my concentration and knowing what God’s voice sounds like. But maybe that can change with time and plenty of practice.

I’m open to letting you guys know how the progress is going. We’ll just have to see as time goes along.

Until next time!


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