It Won’t Always Be Perfect


I know that I’m breaking away from my usual posting on Wednesdays this week. But life happened.

As I was trying to think of something to talk about in this week’s post, I kept coming up blank. I’d think of an idea, but it wouldn’t seem good enough. And as the week went on, it felt like there really wasn’t anything I wanted to talk about.

But somehow, I got an idea that had me thinking: I felt like this week’s post wasn’t going to be that great, if there even was a post this week. But then, the thought came to me: this post can be like how my prayer life’s been.

Some days, I feel like my prayer isn’t the best. Days where I know I’ve had more fruitful prayer time. Days where I felt like neither God nor myself got anything out of the time I set aside to pray.

The way I see it is that prayer doesn’t have to be perfect. What matters is that we sit down and dedicate time to talking to or thinking about God. Or reading the Scriptures. Or about the saints.

Prayer doesn’t have to be this grand, spectacular thing. It can be incredibly simple. Simple things can be just as moving as the grand things in life.

And it’s okay to have days where it’s difficult to pray or you don’t feel like praying. As long as you pray every day, God will understand. He knows that we’re human. And being human means that we’re not going to get things perfect all the time. As long as we’re trying, I think we’re doing fine.

And so I applied this way of thinking to this week’s blog post. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but I would feel better knowing that I got it out there.

Until next time.


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